For PTBM week, we spoke to second year student Robert Reynolds who told us about his current practice, how the course has helped him develop his performance skills and what mhe enjoys most about studying at Wimbledon College of Arts.

Rob Reynolds Img

Robert Reynolds

Can you tell us a bit about the BA (Hons) Fine Art: Print & Time-Based Media (PTBM) course?

The PTBM course is probably one of the most diverse and liberal courses within UAL as it allows students to explore their own practice through a variety of mediums. It used to be primarily a printing and film course but now it incorporates performance, installations and any form of art that you can express your ideas through.

What project are you working on currently and what inspired you for this project?

Currently I’m working on a site/public interventionist piece where I aim to intervene with the daily mundane lives of the public through a performance in central Wimbledon. I’ve been working on placements with social art companies that aim to support those in different backgrounds and communities that aren’t supported creatively. Working with these companies (set up by tutors on the course) I’ve been able to see how amazing the work they do is. It makes me want to create work for the public in spaces that aren’t traditional ‘white cubes’.

Can you tell us briefly about your process?

My process involves thorough research of the subject I intend to explore. My work primarily revolves around the idea of the humour and entertainment forms within art. Reading and gallery visits are definitely a main part of how I create work.

Weasels Questioning Life - Robert Reynolds

Weasels Questioning Life – Robert Reynolds

What skills that you learnt on the course helped you in the making of this project?

No doubt the biggest skill I’ve learnt is directing confidence through performance. I’ve never been involved in performance art before this course. My work was always photographic, but now I’ve been able to clearly speak publicly and with confidence, it has greatly supported my art.

How did the lecturers and technicians support you?

Through performance and film workshops set up by my tutors Richard Layzell and Paul Tarrago, I’ve been able to explore all mediums from a very basic level and I’m now working on an advanced level. Their support and feedback help so much when aiming for something big.

What does the future hold for this project?

After being invited to perform at some galleries through the Students Union and the College, I can tell that my project will have an impact somewhere on someone.

What do you enjoy most about studying at Wimbledon?

The community spirit within Wimbledon is unmatched by any other UAL campus. The distance that we have from other campuses allows us to create our own identity. It’s amazing to see how a simple idea for an event can be attended by significant amounts here at Wimbledon and with such great enthusiasm. The people you meet here are the friendliest (fact) within UAL and most helpful, and I find this to be my main reason of enjoying Wimbledon. To keep up with what Robert is getting up to, go to his website or follow him on Youtube or Facebook.