BA Painting at Wimbledon College of Arts values a medium specific studio environment. The course provides a context for creative exploration, and students are encouraged to be inventive, ambitious and professional with their practice.

We talked to first year Painting student, Tess Wozencroft about why she chose to study at Wimbledon and what projects she has been working on.

What made you choose to study at Wimbledon?

I studied somewhere else last year actually and it really wasn’t the right course for me. I was studying a theatre arts course and then realised I wanted to do something more creative and more free. I did look at some other courses, and originally was considering going to Camberwell, but when I came to see Wimbledon I completely fell in love with it.

I think Wimbledon has a much more grown up atmosphere than most colleges, quite professional, and you feel like you’ll be pushed, in a good way. They’re preparing you for the real world.

I also found everyone was very friendly, there was no atmosphere of pretention at all. I just wanted to be able to do my work in the way I chose and not be put in any kind of mould, and studying at Wimbledon gives me that opportunity.


Work from first year BA Painting student Tess Wozencroft

How have you found settling into life as a student at Wimbledon?

It’s been really easy than I expected it to be. As soon as I started I felt very welcome, but we were also pushed straight away to be independent, which is really good. As a student I wanted to be given an idea of how to start, but after that I wanted to be able to work independently and not be micro-managed. When we were given our first project brief, it allowed us to be very free and just take any path we wanted, which was really good.

The tutors were also very friendly and welcoming, and the other students are lovely.

What have been some of the highlights of your study at Wimbledon so far?

I’ve really liked the lectures the most, especially the artist talks. I didn’t expect to be able to hear directly from so many great artists. There was a really great talk from Chris Dobrowolski when his Escape exhibition was on at Wimbledon Space, and I just thought he was a brilliant speaker.

What are you most looking forward to about your course?

I’m looking forward to just being able to develop my practice in this amazing environment. Basically now we are able to do whatever we want for the next two years, which is great.

I’m also looking forward to writing my essay. I can’t wait to write about something that I’m so genuinely interested in – you’re not given a subject matter, you can choose your own. It means that everyone will be so involved in what they’re writing, and I think that will really further my knowledge.

Work from first year BA Painting student Tess Wozencroft

Work from first year BA Painting student Tess Wozencroft

What advice would you give to a new student starting at Wimbledon in the future?

You made the right decision to come here! It’s a great opportunity. The course is really relaxed, but at the same time you feel as though the tutors will push you to do what you need to do to further your practice and make connections.

I would also say that the small size of Wimbledon means that it’s not as much of a competitive environment. You sort of naturally feel a sense of competitiveness within yourself because you want to do well, but that competition doesn’t come from the university, it comes from you and it’s a good thing because it spurs you on.

When you’re here, get involved in whatever interests you the most and make sure you take advantage of any extra things you can go to, like exhibitions or artist talks, because they can be a really valuable creative resource for you.

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