We caught up with Stella Cecil, Set & Costume Designer and MA Theatre Design student as she prepares for the Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Show 2014.


Stella Cecil, Phoenix at The Big House Theatre, 2013

Wimbledon College of Arts: Tell us about your current practice

Stella Cecil: I am currently studying Theatre Design which I decided to do as it has many transferable skills to use in different jobs, for example: curation, events, art direction and pop concerts. Theatre itself is very diverse and can range from a street performance by a local community to a grand show in the West-End so it can appeal to different people on many different levels.

WCA: How are you preparing for Degree Show?

SC: I am collaborating with a filmmaker and some actors to create a few short 1 minute films which will be displayed alongside other artefacts to express the concepts I have for a theatre design proposal. This has also involved reading the script of the play very thoroughly, I can practically recite it!


Stella Cecil, Phoenix at The Big House Theatre, 2013

WCA: What’s next for you following the Degree Show

SC: I have some ideas that I would like to propose to some potential directors. Also some serious job hunting which may have to be approached in a more cunning fashion considering the competition in the U.K at the moment.

I also have a film I have been planning to edit for months of some kinetic butterfly costumes I created and was filmed at the Barbican in London.

WCA: What has your time studying at Wimbledon been like?

SC: Its been very intense and rewarding. It felt like a boot camp for theatre design in which you are challenged on every level which is very hard work but I feel I have gained a lot. Michael [Pavelka, Course Leader] is very supportive and excellent at understanding how different students work.

WCA: What did you find was the most valuable transferable skill you learnt whilst studying at the College?

SC: I think having confidence in my abilities and having a greater understanding of what interests me as essentially that’s where you thrive creatively. A Masters can be very personal.

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Stella Cecil, Any Which Way at Only Connect Theatre, 2014

WCA: Any advice for future MA Theatre Design students?

SC: I think taking risks are great as you can learn what your limits are which you can not always do on commercial jobs. Be open to approaching your work in a different ways as it can loosen you up and you can discover new and exciting possibilities.


Stella Cecil, Notting Hill Carnival – Gods, Myths and Monsters 2014

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Join us for the Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Show 2014, featuring work by graduating students from MA Drawing, MA Theatre Design and MA Digital Theatre. See Stella’s work exhibited as part of the MA Theatre Design show.

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