We caught up with Camilla BruetonMA Drawing student as she prepares for the Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Show 2014.

Wimbledon College of Arts: Tell us about your current practice:

Camilla Brueton: I use drawing, photography and collage to investigate my interest in the relationship between people, infrastructure, architecture and place. I’m drawn to linger in locations that many pass through quickly, often without a second thought. These are places that could be seen to be ‘non-places’ (Marc Augé, 1995). Whilst the term ‘non-place’ is often seen to be negative, I challenge this, viewing these sites as symptomatic of our time; having been shaped by the advancement of technology, political policy and use.

My background is fine art, sculpture, and although I began the MA making small drawings, I have (unsurprisingly) ended up making large drawing installations, lately with a performative aspect.  Architectural patterns come in and out of focus, there are multiple vanishing points, and the scale of the work offers the viewer a physical relationship with the work.


Camilla Brueton, Untitled, Clapham Junction series 2014

WCA: How are you preparing for Degree Show?

CB: I’m currently working on small scale drawings and collages in the studio, which will form the basis of the material for a large scale installation.

live installation shot 1

Camilla Brueton, Live Installation 2014

WCA: What’s next for you following the show?

CB: After the MA show, I’ll be looking to continue my studio practice.

I have studied part time over 2 years, so have a part time job and a studio that already form part of my week.

I’ll be making applications to residencies and other opportunities to make work in response to interesting situations. Prior to the MA I worked very much in an engaged way. I’ll be looking to meld this with the processes I have developed whilst on the MA.


Camilla Brueton, AFF 2014

WCA: What has your time studying at Wimbledon been like?

CB: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wimbledon, and whilst being part of the MA Drawing course. The course gives you the space and structure to push yourself and your practice.

The tutors and technicians at Wimbledon have been brilliant- it’s a small enough place that you can build up really good working relationships with people.

WCA: Any advice for future MA Drawing students?

CB: Make the most of it- it goes really quickly!

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Join us for the Wimbledon College of Arts, MA Show 2014, featuring work by graduating students from MA Drawing, MA Theatre Design and MA Digital Theatre. See Camilla’s work exhibited as part of the MA Drawing show.

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