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Vice-chancellors are unlikely to succeed with a “hero leader” approach

I gave the Chairman’s address at the Advance HE leadership summit on 29 June 2018, arguing that the consensual model of leadership works best in higher education. The model of heroic leadership by a charismatic figurehead grips the public imagination, but tends to alienate … Continue reading

Nigel Carrington – Our One World – An Arts Leader’s Vision

Art is a window into something else…it has the ability to transport people almost magically. In a far-reaching interview – our Vice-Chancellor Nigel Carrington has been talking to online channel TV Apex about creativity, art and life as a businessman … Continue reading

UAL helps bring mental health support into spotlight

UAL has been recognised for the extra lengths we go to in order to support the mental health of our students and staff. This came in the form of being asked to contribute to The Stevenson / Farmer review of … Continue reading

UAL on track for target of 100% green energy

As an organisation, we couldn’t agree more that sustainability and climate change are not someone else’s problem. That’s why I’m happy to outline the steps we’re taking to tackle the issue. UAL has just switched to a new electricity tariff, … Continue reading

Why UK higher education sector must direct its energy to send our students abroad

I was approached to write a blog post on why the UK higher education sector must direct its energy to send our students abroad. Inward mobility is the great urgent theme of our time. We call it migration and it … Continue reading

Can Creativity Be Learned – And Should Normal People Bother?

To celebrate the launch of The creative Stance, I wrote on my Huffington Post blog page why there has never been a more important time to understand the creative process and why it should become a normal part of how we … Continue reading

UAL responses to Government inquiries on immigration and exiting the EU

Over the past couple of months, UAL has responded to two Government inquiries; one into immigration and one into the impact of exiting the European Union on higher education. Both of these issues have a considerable impact on UAL and … Continue reading

Commenting on the importance of international students in the media

International students are a vital part of higher education in the UK. The ideas we generate, our research, our global networks, and the business opportunities create are all reliant on international students. As a result, I am always pleased to comment in the … Continue reading

UAL 30 Years On – looking back and looking forward

Exactly 30 years ago, seven art and design colleges came together as the institution which later became UAL. This visionary decision ensured that they survived the radical restructuring imposed on local government in London at that time. Other art schools … Continue reading

“Our biggest contribution to the quality of education may be in shaping pupils’ minds”

Pixar, famed for Toy Story, Ratatouille and Monsters Inc to name just a few, is one of the most successful creative animation studios in the last twenty years. It generates billions of pounds, providing jobs to millions, playing a vital … Continue reading