UAL helps bring mental health support into spotlight

UAL has been recognised for the extra lengths we go to in order to support the mental health of our students and staff. This came in the form of being asked to contribute to The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers, entitled ‘Thriving at work’.

I followed this up this request by writing to Lord Stevenson, outlining the importance of protecting mental health and explaining what we are doing to lead the way in the higher education sector.

As well as a significant increase in financial resources, we have worked with the Arts Students’ Union to develop a Mental Health Action plan from 2016–2020 to help our staff and students work to the best of their ability and crucially maintain a healthy lifestyle. We also have other measures, including training mental health first aid training for staff, which I believe outline our commitment to student welfare.

I was quoted in the report as follows:

“Everyone is somewhere on the mental health spectrum, so this is a business productivity issue which should be dealt with alongside other health and safety considerations. Creating a positive environment for mental health demonstrably costs less than failing to do so.”

To read the full report, please click the link here.

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