New postgraduate scholarship programme for Home/EU students

The financial burden faced by postgraduate students is one of our key concerns as the new funding environment changes and postgraduate funding from Government sources is withdrawn. We must do our absolute best (within our own financial constraints) to make sure that no one with the ability to succeed on one of our postgraduate courses is deterred from joining us due to the increase in fees which the withdrawal of public funding has forced on us. As I have said before, securing philanthropic support is one of our key priorities.

In the meantime, and recognising that philanthropic fundraising takes time, I’m delighted to let you know about 100 new postgraduate scholarships worth £5,000 each which will be available to Home/EU MA students of the University for the next academic year. You can find out more about the scholarships (to be called “Rector’s Scholarships”) here.

At the Textile Futures MA show

I am now asking anyone in a student-facing role, especially those working with undergraduates who may be interested in progressing to postgraduate study, to help us raise the profile of these new scholarships. Postgraduate education is vital to both this University and to the UK’s creative economy; one of my chief fears about the new funding regime is that the lack of Government support for Home/EU postgraduates will increasingly mean that a postgraduate education becomes unaffordable for those students. While international students enrich our community in all sorts of ways, we must also build a strong future for our economy and research base, and these scholarships are an important building block in that process.

Thank you in advance for your help to spread the word about these new scholarships.

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