Good news from HEFCE

I have just finished visiting all Colleges to give my regular all staff briefings, and will shortly be giving the final two briefings to Central Services staff. Following those, I will publish a short overview of key information from the presentations here, but there is one piece of good news to report now.

Those of you who have attending the briefings may recall that the number of Home/EU students we are able to recruit was at risk from proposals for unrestrained recruitment of students with A level grades of AAB and above, also referred to in a previous post. This would of course put arts and design at a disadvantage since A level grades are not a primary factor in recruitment to our courses.

A levels are not UAL's primary recruitment tool

I am delighted to say that our lobbying on this point has been successful. HEFCE has now advised us that institutions that recruit primarily on the basis of portfolio or performance will be able to opt out of this AAB+ rule, which will mean we do not lose student numbers. While we will have no opportunity to increase our Home/EU student numbers next year, our numbers will be set at the same level as the current year, providing some much needed planning stability for the new fees regime.

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