David Mollin and Salomé Voegelin lecturers in Sound Arts at the London College of Communication, have been awarded a CHF 175,000 (GBP 150,000) Art and Architecture commission from the Kunstkommission Bern, to realise a public art project in Bern, Switzerland.

The project Kleefeld – Klangfeld will, through infrastructure building (in 2017 – 2020) and participatory interventions (in 2020 – 2025), make the environment of a newly renovated local school in a multicultural area of the town into an ‘instrument’ to be experienced and played as a Klangfeld, as a sonic field, that makes audible the temporary and passing nature and use of the site: how it is inhabited by the local community in its diversity. It enables the pupils, teachers, administrators, local residents and visitors to engage with its sounds and add their own voices, sounds and rhythms to their environment.

Salome Voegelin is a member of Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice (CRiSAP), find out more about the Centre.