By Aditya Vij, MA Fashion Journalism at LCF

CeŽline, Spring 2019

This spring 2019 season, we saw a lot of understated glamour mixed with outrageous prints. Many shows stood out in terms of bringing newness such as Ricardo’s Burberry and Pierpaolo’s Valentino. In terms of cities, Paris, as always, brought the right amount of chicness blended with a hint of boldness, whereas London was a breath of fresh air, bringing in all the NewGen talent. Below is a list of five shows which had a bourgeoning yet classic appeal for the audience, besides one of them which had an arguably opulent collection.

1) Pierpaolo’s Valentino

He is the master of all things dreamy. His use of volume to create a sense of heightened reality is absolutely genius. All in all, a breathtaking experience, especially for those present at the show.

2) Riccardo’s Burberry

Burberry has always been a classic British brand but Riccardo decided to go further and challenge the norms by showcasing a collection of stringent, carefree dressing. The usual trench coats were twisted with a hint of Tisci, and inclusivity in terms of balance took a front seat.

3) Karl’s Chanel

All things said, Karl does always put up an effervescently lavish show. Every inch is well thought out. From the outrageous set to the high-profile models, all elements portray a sense of richness. The clothes, not so likeable.

4) Raf Simons’s Calvin Klein

The master of sharp tailoring does it again. He showcased a collection that is wearable, simplistic yet tastefully grounded. His sense of abstract refinement was well thought out.

5) Hedi’s Celine

The most talked about show of this season has to be the Celine show. Heidi did manage to arouse a sense of excitement but it made people think that it’s YSL. In actuality, it was the classic Celine which he ruined with the oversized polka dot dresses and pungent elegance in the show. Eagerly anticipating what he does next.

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