On behalf of the MA Curating and Collections students, Chelsea College of Arts

Hello! We are the students of MA Curating and Collections, Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London.

We are working towards our degree show which runs on the 7th- 13th September and we are seeking some donations and funds for the degree show, in which the fund will be and only be used for the shipping cost, facility requirements and other essential costs for hosting a private view.

The degree show is a big event of UAL with an average attendance of 3000 people from all kinds of industries. The exhibition is titled // referencing Donna Haraway’s text, The Cyborg Manifesto; below is a short statement that explains the exhibition’s concept:

Within colonialist, capitalist and gendered economies, the established boundary conditions of gender, race and class have determined the historical and hierarchical “understanding of identity”. The cyborg as a fictional and metaphorical concept for subverting these boundary conditions, introduced by Donna Haraway, proposes a mythic answer to the problems we are currently facing. Through this fictional method, this exhibition guides us through the breakdown of limiting identity constructs, towards a new social structure as a call to arms for the future.

// presents artworks that challenge the system, the grid and ways of classifying which delineates boundaries within our society. The traditional divisions between human and animal, organism and machine, and the physical and non-physical are blurred within the exhibition addressing a myriad of ways in which technology relates to human nature and the agency of the body.

We appreciate your support and in return, every person that donates will be added to our special thanks page in our publication and exhibition catalogue!

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