Project led by Jacqui Ennis-Cole – MA Drawing, Wimbledon College of Arts.  Supported by the UAL Postgraduate Student Communities of Practice Fund

image: Kershaw’s sculptural vessels and the place of ritual in our lives.  Photo credit: Jacqueline Ennis-Cole.

Deadline: Friday 7th July 2017 at 2pm

Hi Everyone!… I have been engaged with a variety of collaborative art projects at UAL and one such project involved a six-month social documentary of a young artist on the BA Sculpture course.

So many of us are impacted by ‘mental health’ concerns and some of us choose to address our concerns through our research and art practice.

Socially Engaged Collaborative Art Practice ‘Living Archives’ and Mental Health Forum

I am initiating this Forum so as to create a ‘Safe Space’ on the 27th July 2017 (UAL Venue TBC) where we could meet and present our research interests, art practice, personal experiences and engage in dialogue together within an environment that facilitates mutual understanding, support and inspiration. I am personally interested to learn how artists, writers, curators, researchers etc. are addressing and shaping the status quo.

This is an opportunity to build a sustainable community of creatives interested in all aspects of mental health, who can stay in touch after graduation and work towards creating activity around the subject in the future.

Postgraduate collaborators sought:

I would like for this Forum Initiative to be a joint effort –a collaborative team of cross disciplinary enthusiasts. I would like to invite the following specialisms to join the project team:

  • Writers/Journalists

    To review the Forum Event and support with a blog/articles so that we all have an overview of what can be achieved.

  • Curators

    To support with the event and presentations -Forums have a place within Art Practice.

  • Event & Technical Managers

    To support with the event set up and food/drinks reception.

  • Documentary Film Makers/Photographers

    This project is ongoing and full of amazing documentary content.  It would be great for documentary filmmaker/Photographer to be involved here at the start and join the journey of the project.   This would need to be someone with an understanding of the sensitive nature of the discussions – discretion being priority.

  • Other disciplines

    Any other postgraduate students/staff/alumni with an interest in Mental Health and would like to be involved please also get in touch.

Get Involved:

To get involved, please email with the following details before 2pm on Friday 7th July 2017:

  • Your name
  • Course
  • College
  • What aspect of the project are you interested in helping with
  • Any further information concerning your interest in Mental Health

I look forward to working with you!

Jacqui Ennis-Cole