Domaine de Boisbuchet in South West France integrates innovative architecture and design into the splendid setting of a 19th century French country estate, offering a unique creative and collaborative environment for people of all cultures to share.

Every year, Boisbuchet invite the most inspiring architects & designers from all over the world, to give a week-long workshop at their beautiful location in the South-West of France.

Every tutor takes into account the inspiring natural environment, and crafts a theme for participants to build upon. Every single workshop is a unique hands-on experience, with the guarantee of learning by doing with materials and tools provided by Boisbuchet. Throughout the week, participants get insight on the process & techniques of top designers, and have the opportunity to connect with like-minded, passionate people.

Boisbuchet’s intensive workshop programmes invest deeply in cultures that respect the past and build for the future, at the same time stimulating research that promotes a more sustainable relationship between the natural and the man-made.

Grow the Future Now – Summer Workshops 2017

In 2017, Boisbuchet’s practical and multidisciplinary workshops look towards a future that demands responsibility as much as it allows creative minds to experiment, play, and learn. They are inviting designers, architects, and artists to pose the best questions, verify their answers, and find out how we should deal with ourselves, society, and politics. In short: get your hands dirty and make the future grow.

A small selection of the workshops on offer:

Bloc Research Group (CH), ‘Unidentified Funicular Objects’ Workshop #Architecture #Engineering

Drift (NL), ‘Electro Nature’ Workshop #Installation #Technology

Barnabé Fillion (FR), ‘Infusing a Travel to Boisbuchet’ Workshop #Perfume #Technology

Petra Blaisse/Inside Outside (NL), ‘Address the Site’ Workshop #Textiles #OutdoorInstallation

Estudio Normal (AR), ‘The Games’ Workshop #Communication #DesignProcess

Workshops cost from 944 Euros (Student Discounted Price) this price includes the workshop, accommodation and your food during your stay.

View the 36 workshops on offer this summer here

AER – 2017 Successful Resident Announcement

The Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme (AER) was launched in 2015 by member of the UAL Research Centre for Sustainable Fashion and UAL Chair of Art and the Environment Professor Lucy Orta.

Marco Pantaleoni – Current MA Fine Art student at Central Saint Martins has been selected for the 2017 AER Residency at Domaine de Boisbuchet, where he will be attending 2 of the 36 workshops on offer.

Marco Pantaleoni is a self-proclaimed visual artist and architect, interested in man and his relationship with the environment that he traverses, that he lives and perceives. Marco’s artistic approach tries to explore how art influences the quality of the lived spaces, the behaviour of the users as a single entity and their interaction as a community.

Read the full announcement here

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