I have heard a few times over the past couple of years at UAL that user testing wasn’t carried out as ‘the project ran out of time’, or worse still confusion about what it is: ‘Yes, user acceptance testing was carried out…’

I think that confusion about what User Testing is and how you carry it out is quite widespread outside of the digital community.  So I arranged for a UX consultant to come in and take some of our members of staff through a short training session on what User Research is, how it differs from User Acceptance Testing, and how it should be delivered.

One of the areas we have been striving to cover across all of our projects in the Online Estate Services Programme is User Research. From focus groups to inform user stories for projects, to guerrilla user testing throughout the development of the project, to one-to-one user testing with a UX consultant; we have been listening to our users on every project.

And we are committed to do even more in year two. We will be recruiting new Student Digital Ambassadors and will continue to user test throughout our projects with key audiences.

For more information on how we approach user research go to:
Style Guide – User Research

Post by Kelly Harrison – Head of Online Services