At the end of March we went live with a new and improved look and feel for our home page, college landing pages and made improvements to the navigation across the website

We used analytics and extensive user testing with current and prospective students, along with workshops (involving our colleagues across the colleges and central support teams) to come up with a fresh new design that worked on the home page, and tried to reflect the differences between our 6 colleges on the landing pages to their sections.

We also knew from using HotJar (software that uses heat maps and anonymously records user journeys) that the way the second level navigation menu worked was confusing for users, as the whole thing would disappear when clicking one of the options within it, leaving no obvious way to continue navigating within that section.

Our design objectives

We worked with digital agency ‘Precedent’ on the project. The aim of the design changes were to:

  • meet our users’ needs
  • meet our business needs
  • feel modern and fresh
  • help users find the information they need more quickly and easily
  • and reflect our top 5 global reputation for art and design
ual's home page

A refreshing change

User needs will continue to drive changes 

Internal feedback has been positive, and we’re currently analysing the first month of stats to see how people are using the site now. We’ll also analyse the second month of stats. If there are obvious areas that need further user testing, we’ll carry that out. We will also be working further with stakeholders to make sure that the pages meet their needs, whilst of course continuing to be driven by what our target audiences want!

We’ll share the details of the stats on here when they’re ready.