July saw us putting further functionality into our fees and funding on the UAL website.

This was the third release since the calculator went live in February.

Each release has seen us adding further functionality to try and give prospective students as much information as possible on how much studying at UAL will cost them.

This release saw the project team work to put all the remaining scholarships and bursary information into the calculator, create an update facility (so the information did not rely on a developer to maintain) and update and introduce a PDF function (so users could keep a record of their calculation).

Release 2 kicked off on 18 April with a go live of the end of May. It soon became apparent that because of the tight timeline, that the PDF functionality wouldn’t be ready, so we split the release into two smaller releases instead.

A requirements document drafted in March became the basis of the changes and these were quickly finalised with the project sponsor and we cracked on with the development, supported by digital agency Reading Room (who had delivered the initial calculator with us).

We went live a couple of days after we had originally planned (for the very good reason of the Staff Summer Party!) and were really pleased with the latest version.

We have had over 35,000 page views on the calculator since it went live in February, and with 4 rounds of user testing (before and after releases) we think we have delivered something that adds real value to prospective students.

The calculator has now moved into business as usual state, with responsibilities for keeping the calculator updated clearly defined within the relevant teams. There will be another release shortly that will address some accessibility issues (WCAG 2.0 ‘AA’ compliancy).

The next phase of the project aims to look at the process of how students apply for scholarships and bursaries and how we can make that a better user experience.