The Internal Communication and Collaboration Tools project (ICCT) has been renamed the Digital Workspace project, following feedback from our users.

The new name more accurately reflects the project’s focus: the delivery of a digital, personlised space that makes better use of existing tools – and encourages more creativity and collaboration.

We are now approaching the end of the planning phase of the content design workstream, which involved developing an inventory of existing content and setting a strategy, including standards, covering content review.

By the end of this phase, the UX and content design workstreams will have developed the new information architecture (IA), which will be based on learnings from:

  • card sorting workshops with stakeholders (academic and non-academic staff)
  • tree testing
  • experience map
A screenshot of a card sorting exercise

A diagram showing the card sorting exercise

In June, we carried out UX map workshops with stakeholders that helped us create visual representations of user needs and journeys.

During two workshops, academic and non-academic staff were asked to review and sort our existing intranet content into groups that made sense to them. A UX map workshop, which our internal comms colleagues were involved in, also took place.

Improving use of Office 365 tools

Office 365 tools

Screenshot showing the suite of existing Office 365 tools

Along with the planning phase, the content design workstream also explores how the proposed new digital workspace will give users a better experience of existing Office 365 tools.

Next steps in the project

We have selected BrightStarr’s Unily product for our intranet solution, and our project team has kicked off the project with the company. We are now:

  • holding training sessions on the Unilty solution, which will run over at least the next couple of months
  • involved in discovery workshops with BrightStarr, to map out our new digital landscape
  • preparing for technical requirements
  • meeting content owners and champions to discuss content review and migration