As part of the WSI Content Design workstream, we are developing a digital content strategy for the new UAL website.

Why do we need a digital content strategy?

The strategy will ensure that the content on UAL’s website is engaging and cohesive and that content production is sustainable and evidence-based. It also provides a roadmap for creating content that is aimed at one of our six key audiences (prospective students, prospective Short Course students, current students, alumni, research and business and is based on research from a number of sources, including:

  • Industry research (technology, infrastructure and consumer behaviour).
  • Meetings with content owners including Academic Enterprise, Research and Alumni.
  • Baseline user data from the 2017 website survey.
  • Results of user testing from the course page re-design project.
  • Google Analytics for demographic data and types of devices used.

What next?

  • Two drafts of the strategy have been reviewed by colleagues who have given useful feedback.
  • The final draft of the strategy has been reviewed by Squiz who have provided consultancy.
  • This draft will now go to the WSI project board for any final comments before being endorsed.
  • How we communicate the strategy internally to be reviewed

Want to know more about OESP?

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