BA (Hons) Photography alumna Juno Calypso has directed a star-studded festive short for luxury fashion brand Burberry. 

‘Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas’ features high-profile celebrities in arts and fashion, including Matt Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas, MIA, Naomi Campbell and her mother Valerie Morris-Campbell.

Juno Calypso graduated from LCC’s BA (Hons) Photography course in 2012, and her work has since been featured in exhibitions for Vogue, Saatchi, Royal Academy of Arts London, as well as in publications such as VICE, Glamour, TIME, The Independent, and the Sunday Times.

Juno Calypso for Burberry: Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

Juno’s breakthrough came not long after graduating, with photo-series ‘Joyce’ winning the British Journal of Photography International Award in 2016. The series consisted of performative self-portraits that reflect on “modern rituals of seduction and the laboured construction of femininity.”

Speaking of her inspiration for the work, Juno reflected on her time at LCC and the encouragement she received from her tutor to cast herself in pictures.

Juno Calypso for Burberry: Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

Juno told Dazed at the time: “It was in 2011, I was halfway through a photography degree at LCC and up until that point my only intention as a photographer was to create very glossy, hyper-alluring images of women with airbrushed skin, heavy eyes and pouting lips.

“I was in the studio testing out ideas for a shoot I was planning with a model the following week. I used myself just as a stand-in and got a bit carried away. I showed the images to my class the next day and my weird face seemed to make people laugh. My tutor told me to forget the model and carry on doing this.”

Juno Calypso for Burberry: Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

Earlier this year, Juno received the Vic Odden Award from the Royal Photographic Society. The award recognises a notable achievement in the art of photography by a photographer aged 35 or under, studying photography in the UK.

Speaking of her time at LCC, Juno said “I loved it there – I liked the competition. Everyone had such high standards – in turn that really pushed me to make my best work.”

Check out Juno’s Christmas-themed short below: