As part of our Graduate Residency Programme, supporting LCC graduates in the rapid development of innovative projects which have the potential for significant social change or economic impact, we’re catching up with the progress of the 4 projects.

Joe Ollman – Writer / Director

Joe is from Wales and graduated from BA (Hons) Film Practice in 2016. His new short “A Bitter Sky” tells stories about the people of Wales, from all social and economic backgrounds. See Joe’s website.

We caught up with Joe to find out more about his practice and what he’s working on as part of the Graduate Residency Programme…

Which course did you graduate from?

BA (Hons) Film Practice.

Where are you from in the world?

Wales, UK.

What have you been up to since you graduated? How has your work evolved since you left LCC?

I’ve been working as a freelance filmmaker and actor on film crews as various roles, but also directing music videos and content, as well as working in education. I’ve also been writing my new short ‘A Bitter Sky’, which is now going into production. Since graduating I’ve had to become far more commercially aware, as you begin to face the facts that you actually have to make a living from your work.

How would you describe your practice?

Fun, important and adventurous.

Why did you apply for the LCC Graduate Residency Programme?

Because I thought the university might be able to support me in the development for my new short film – ‘A Bitter Sky’, and this programme seemed like a great opportunity.

What does this year’s theme of Diverse Communities mean to you?

I think it’s incredibly important to represent and encourage communities from all backgrounds. At this time of political uncertainty and division, film can provide an important example of diversity and social change. All of my films, and this one in particular, advocate and encourage a social bonding and connection with others – so I was very excited about this year’s theme.

What are the ideas that you’d like to develop whilst on the LCC Graduate Residency Programme?

I’d just like to develop my craft, by continuing to practice making films.

What do you find most challenging/rewarding about making work?

I find managing to access funding the most challenging. The most rewarding is bringing a team together to collaborate, making something hopefully special that will maybe impact on someone’s life somewhere.

What do you listen to when you’re making work?

My brain.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My brain.

What’s your favourite place in Elephant and Castle?

There’s a cracking Indian takeaway place that does curries for £3… Either that or Wetherspoons.

What does your workspace look like? Do you have a studio?

The world is my studio. No honestly, I either work from home, on location wherever I am, or at the Production company offices that represent me – Odelay Films in Soho.

See more of Joe’s work on Vimeo.