Our students and staff certainly aren’t shy of sharing on social media – with hundreds of photos taken at LCC posted on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook each week.

We decided to round-up some of our favourite posts on Instagram from the past month, from photos of our buildings and the Elephant & Castle peninsula to images of our classrooms in the evening light, snaps of our facilities and shots of work by our talented students.

Take a look at some of our Instagram highlights from February 2018…

These snaps of the range of traditional and modern facilities available to our students:


• screenprinting heaven from yday night • #vsco#vscocam

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These stunning shots from around the building:



floor 7

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Right. I’m off home. #architecture #urbanlife #highereducation

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Views from LCC:




The birds weren’t too impressed with the sudden snow storm. #londonsnow

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Truly a £9000 per/annum view

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These incredible snapshots of students work in progress:






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