London College of Communication graduate Chris Morley was selected to design an identity to be used across UAL, and has in turn produced ‘Meet the Tide‘ – a platform designed to allow UAL students to track and monitor their individual carbon budgets. Below he talks about the project.

Words: Chris Morley, BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design

I graduated from the Information Design pathway of Graphic and Media Design at LCC in 2013. In my final year, all of my projects had a sustainable theme and addressed issues such as the decline of the honeybee, waste paper on the London underground, and the loss of wild Ethiopian coffee as a result of climate change.

After graduating, I was offered a position in UAL’s Energy and Environmental department, who have some fantastic initiatives including an aim to reduce the universities carbon emissions by 22% by 2016.

Since joining the team I have been helping with the design and implementation of a new sustainability platform called Meet the Tide. The name is a reference to the Thames Barrier; the world’s second largest movable flood barrier. As sea levels rise, the barrier plays an ever important role in preventing all but the eastern-most boroughs of London from flooding.

Meet the Tide is a platform designed to allow UAL students to track and monitor their individual carbon budgets whilst raising awareness of the great things that can be achieved by engaging in sustainable practice. The platform gives students transparent access to their individual carbon usage as well as the comparative performances of each of the six colleges at UAL.

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A key aspect of this exciting new platform is the introduction of monthly briefs around relevant sustainable themes. These briefs are open to all UAL students. A panel of professionals at the top of their respective fields will be evaluating the entries and selecting the best from each month.

Over the next few years, environmental issues, policies and practices need to become a primary consideration in everything we do. Legislation and government-led initiatives can only achieve so much. Meet the Tide is a response to the increasing need for us to act on an individual level.

The best creative work is a result of multi-disciplinary collaboration between subjects. The hope is that Meet the Tide will encourage UAL students to work outside of their fields. Fashion students with typographers, advertising students with illustrators, interaction designers with architects.

Environmental issues are complex and multi-faceted. As such they require a coordinated, collaborative approach. Where better to face these problems than University of the Arts London, the world’s largest creative network.

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See the briefs and enter the competitions through the website

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