A new exhibition celebrating half a century of  international of poster design has been well received since it opened on Saturday 31 August.

Open until until 13 September, Posters Selected from the Icograda Archive, at the London College of Communication showcases 45 rarely seen artworks from the Icograda (International Council of Communication Design) Archive, selected by 15 contemporary design practitioners including Will Hudson (Founder of It’s Nice That), Noma Bar, Anthony Burrill and Sarah Douglas (Creative Director of Wallpaper*).


Selected from 2000 treasures at the University of Brighton Design Archives (where the Icograda Archive is housed) are artworks spanning 50 years of poster design from Czechoslovakia, Poland, Japan and Italy and by artists including Wim Crouwel, Roger Hargreaves and Julian Palka.

LCC_Icograda_Archive_PRE_PV_30_08_2013_by_Ana_Escobar_003“Graphic culture was very different at the time these were created, posters were the only way of publicising an event and there were few other channels so they had to work hard. Now I think posters work in a different way. They work in relation to social media.”  –  Anthony Burrill


Thoughtfully curated, the exhibition also features an accompanying booklet in which each designer explains the rationale that led to their choices, offering a fascinating insight into their aesthetic values, and the changing role of the poster.

“The posters in the Icograda Archive all communicate, but they do so in a way that today you would be told is not featuring the product or service enough. If you look at the language of the poster now, it is so painfully obvious. It would be interesting to see whether or not today’s big brands could have that confidence in an aesthetic?” – Will Hudson, It’s Nice That


The opening of the Exhibition was attended by over 200 people, including John Walters (Editor of EYE), Teal Triggs (Editor of Iridescent), Brian Webb (Creative Director of Webb and Webb), members of the Icograda Executive Board and lots of UAL alumni.

“I am sure there is something each of us have seen at the Archive today, that will influence something we do tomorrow.” –  Andy Altman, Why Not Associates

Accompanying Booklet

For further information about the Icograda Archives, the selection process, each designer’s rationale for their choices, and more quotes from them download the accompanying booklet for the exhibition.

See more images from the exhibition opening on LCC’s Flickr

Posters Selected from the Icograda Archive is open to the public until Friday 13 September at the London College of Communication.

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