45 posters selected from the Icograda (International Council of Communication Design) Archive by 15 contemporary designers including Noma Bar, Will Hudson (It’s Nice That) and Fraser Muggeridge go on display to the public at the London College of Communication from 31 August – 13 September 2013.

50 years since its formation in London, in 1963, Icograda returns to the place of its birth to celebrate half a century serving the worldwide communication design community as its professional body.

Visitors can admire 50 years of poster design from across the world picked by today’s leading design practitioners, explore the rationale behind each designer’s choices and consider how the process of choosing from 2000 posters in one of the worlds richest graphical resources shaped their views about the power of the poster today.

02 Selecting Posters_ Icograda Archive

Across 2 days at the University of Brighton Design Archives (where the Icograda Archive is housed), the 15 creatives were given an hour each to digitally view 2,000 posters and make their shortlist of 5. The 75 shortlisted posters were then extracted from their cabinets by 4 archival experts and deliberated over for 45 mins by all until each had a favourite three.

03 Selecting Posters_ Icograda Archive

Noma Bar says ‘“It was like being in a candy shop with millions of options. My choices were not visual decisions. I saw more beautiful posters then my final selection, but I tried not to be seduced, rather I wanted to read and understand the story behind it.’

Icograda Poster Archive 3_photo by Barbara Taylor

Will Hudson says, “The posters in the Icograda Archive all communicate, but they do so in a way that today you would be told is not featuring the product or service enough. If you look at the language of the poster now, it is so painfully obvious. It would be interesting to see whether or not today’s big brands could have that confidence in an aesthetic?”

Accompanying Booklet

For further information about the Icograda Archives, the selection process, each designer’s rationale for their choices, and more quotes from them download the accompanying booklet for the exhibition.

Posters Selected from the Icograda Archive go on display from 31 August at London College of Communication.