This week 13 graduates from London College of Communication’s MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course (part-time online mode) present their final work in a show entitled Never Seeing Nothing.

The exhibition is open from Monday 13 – Friday 17 May in the Nursery Gallery at LCC.  A private view will be held on Wednesday 15 May, 6-9pm.


Uta Beyer’s photo essay Heimlich is a conceptual work based on a set of psychological, archaeological, and aesthetic approaches as a basis to explore and represent a group of  20 homes of impoverished old people living in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 2012.

SAHIDE SANIN // Dalston Calling

These photographs attempt to capture a transition moment, a phase in the social and physical transformation of Dalson in the London Borough of Hackney, a part of London which shares many of the characteristics of cities experiencing similar change across Europe.

CHRISTINA VAZOU // Behind the Scene of the Greek Crisis,  September 2009 –November 2012

MAX COLSON // HIDE AND SEEK: the Dubious Nature of Plant Life in High Security Spaces by Adam Walker-Smith

This series of photographs dramatically illuminate what the photographer sees as the ‘suspect’ plants of high security urban spaces (so-called for posing as ‘innocent’ decoration whilst actually being hidden parts of the security apparatus).


Somnambulism investigates Yugoslav collective memory throughout the last three decades, from the death of Tito to the war and its aftermath. Through a metaphorical – photographic – sleepwalk through Bosnia-Herzegovina, the project explores the circumstances that build, destroy and rebuild a Nation.


Over the last thirteen years, Linka has travelled to more than twenty-seven countries, inspiring her current project; ‘Spinning Compass’ is a social anthropological photography project about travelers.