Where do you come from? What is your understanding of the term Design Culture? [And how do we relate the two?]

Michael Clarke, Senior Lecturer, Contextual and Theoretical Studies, at London College of Communication’s School of Design ponders these questions in relation to LCC’s new BA (Hons) Design Culture’s course.

The new BA (Hons) Design Cultures course at LCC addresses the ambiguities and complexities of design culture in an increasingly globalised social and economic context: a context in which constant, productive interchange between otherwise very different cultural, social and economic contexts is becoming normal.


That is one reason why I and my colleague, Monika Parrinder, will be in Bangalore in early May 2013 liaising with colleagues at the Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology  who are concerned with similar issues – In my case the issue of experiential learning.

It is now universally recognised that we all learn more from our direct experiences of the socio-cultural contexts in which we live or visit than from anything formal education might teach us.

To fully engage with any cultural context we need to go beyond the formal, higher education, academic structure of lecture and seminar learning.

That is why my current research into alternative structures of learning is taking me to Bangalore. Every city is a complex structure, a socio/economic/cultural network that both includes and excludes its citizens and visitors.

We all experience this wherever we are, even at pavement level, whether buying street food or handing over tickets to a show. But how do we relate this ordinary, phenomenological, experience of a city to the readily available, usually guide book, explanations?

This complex network of phenomena and their interpretation is our daily life: it is ultimately our understanding of place, any place. And for me, that is what Design Cultures is about. What does design cultures mean to you?

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