It’s always sad when a show comes down. As our LCC Foundation Diploma Art & Design show did this week, leaving the walls white for a short time.

But when it was up, it was UP!  London College of Communication Foundation students produced a dazzling exhibition buzzing with creativity and ideas. (See film and images below). A huge thank you to all involved and best of luck, whether progressing to UAL courses or not, keep in touch.

And we won’t have to wait long until the walls are filled with colour again. LCC have three Summer Shows, under the central theme of London College of Exhibitionists beginning on 1 June and running right through to the end of that month.

And before that, in May, we have Moose on the Loose, including a special show from LCC MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Online. So, lots to look forward to.

LCC Foundation Art & Design Show 2013 

LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_014LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_046

LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_032

LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_040


LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_016

LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_012

LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_011

LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_021


LCC_SummerShow2013_Foundation_Art_Design_ARTWORK_by Ana_Escobar_013



See more images from the LCC Foundation Art & Design Show 2013 on Flickr.