This term 40 sustainability experts have challenged London College of Communication design students to communicate an environmental issue based around the themes for this year’s Green Week – Water, transport, waste, consumption and biodiversity.

Students from LCC’s BA (Hons) Graphic & Media Design (year two) and FdA Design for Graphic Communication courses have since been collaborating in groups to develop a brief and concept to communicate their chosen sustainability challenge.

Groups have been sharing their thoughts, reflections and observations in blogs documenting their design process. In the run up to Green Week 2013, we’ve been sharing some of their inspirational ideas. This week;

Wake Cup: From Cup to Compost

The challenge we’ve taken up  is to create a system for the sustainable disposal and bio-degradation of coffee grounds from coffee shops in brick lane.

Our proposed solution is to design and make a scheme that creates connections between coffee shops and green spaces, and works to implement specific bio waste compost bins in brick lane, in an attempt to create a carbon neutral method to dispose of coffee grounds.

The talk that really inspired us was from Grounds to Ground and we’ve since had a great response from local coffee shops in Brick Lane who are interested in collaborating and from Spitalfields City Farm , where we’re hoping to transport the leftover coffee grounds of Brick Lane.


The Brief 

“As an independent organisation we will target the use and disposal of coffee grounds across UAL and in our local coffee shops, by creating and designing a concept and scheme for their use/reuse. We will encourage those who recycle the least to become conscious of how their coffee grounds are disposed of. We want to advocate and encourage the spread of green space using coffee grounds as compost, whilst also raising awareness to the issues surrounding coffee grounds. Finally we will present our proposal in an engaging form, showing working prototypes and examples of how our scheme works in day to day life.”

Wake Cup on Facebook 


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The Wake Cup Team

Amber batty – Fda Graphic communication
Naomi archibald – Fda Graphic Communication
Kezia Newson – Fda Graphic Communication
Jessica Daughters – Fda Graphic Communication
Joel Wimbleton – BA (Hons) Graphic Media Design

As you can see from their blog they smile quite a lot.

Green Week, 4 – 8 March
Each year LCC champions intelligent and ethical creativity with a week of workshops, exhibitions, screenings, lectures and design challenges. A platform for showcasing current good practice, Green Week will see students, staff and guests collaborators utilise design and media thinking to unpick this year’s themes of waste, transport, consumption, biodiversity and water.