Image: The Virtual Water Project 


This week students from the London College of Communication (LCC) School of Design are benefiting from an incredible opportunity to collaborate with 40 experts and innovators tackling the world’s greatest environmental and social challenges.

Speakers from organisations striving to create sustainable solutions to global environmental issues will be sharing knowledge with Year 02 FdA Design for Graphic Communication and BA Graphic & Media Design students. They will be challenging them to utilize design thinking to unpick problems related to this year’s Green Week themes of water, transport, waste, consumption and biodiversity.

The sessions hope to encourage LCC students to place environmental and socially responsible thinking at the heart of their practice. As part of collaborative projects students are being asked to consider one of the five themes, research the challenges surrounding it and consider it’s communication and relevance to Green Week 2013.

The list of speakers, organisations and campaigns would be well received at an international sustainability conference. Here are a selection;

Virtual Water

The Environment Agency

Water Aid

Tourism Concern

Survival International

Liberate Tate

Plane Stupid

Slow Down London

London Cycling Campaign

Living Streets

Eco Labs

Sustrans, Future Cities

Dr Robert Bloomfield OBE, UN Decade on Biodiversity

Trees For Cities

Ellinor Michel, Natural History Museum

London Wildlife Trust

The Great Recovery

Ground to Ground

Centre for Sustainable Fasion

Worn Clothing


Friends of The Earth

A Very Good Company

You can follow @LCCgraphics on Twitter to get the best of the experts and use the hashtag #LCCollab where students will be sharing their experiences as they take up the challenge.

Green Week takes place from 4 – 8 March 2013 across UAL.