Last night thirty-four emerging photojournalists from the London College of Communication’s internationally acclaimed MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course opened their final show entitled, It Is What It Was, with a private view at LCC. The exhibition runs from 12 December 2012 – 9 January 2013.

This exceptional group from around the globe address the challenging question of identity in the modern world, spanning continents, ethnicities and personal boundaries. Their stories are fresh and original and the manner in which they are presented to the public, contemporary and in some cases, ground breaking.

A selection of the stories are featured below. To see more check out their website itiswhatitwas.co.uk

Jason Jia, Fully Jewish, Fully Chinese
Jia’s project tells the story of the long lost Chinese Jewish community, their struggle to be recognised by both the Jewish and Chinese governments, and the recent return, by some, to Israel. In 2012 he was awarded the Royal Photographic Society Postgraduate Bursary.

Bernadette Keating, Out of a Dense Fog
Going back home to the Republic of Ireland, Bernadette highlights the tension that exists between the country’s progressive modernization and its successful branding as a mythical island, untouched and authentic.

Eléonore de Bonneval, Anosmia, Lives without sense of smell
Anosmia is to smelling what blindness is to sight, or deafness to hearing. Through a series of portraits and an installation this work powerfully highlights the impact on the daily lives of people who have lost their sense of smell and the repercussions this may have on their emotional and social lives.

Pegah Redjai Sani, A journey from North to South: stark contrasts along Iran’s longest street. 

Pegah walked for 5 weeks, from north to south, documenting life and people along the 19.9km long street in Tehran.


Gabriel Gauffre, Occupy: An identity
The only thing left of the Occupy movement is not politics anymore. It’s a community. A community that gives an identity and purpose to those who decided to give up the one they were given by society.   


Exhibition Opening Times:
Wednesday 12 December – Wednesday 9 January 2013
Closed Christmas 21 December – 2 January

Weekdays 10am – 5pm
Saturday 10am – 4pm (closed Sunday)

To view galleries of outstanding student work visit the It Is What It Was website

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