Photography by Ana Escobar

On Monday (19 November) the London College of Communication (LCC) held Private Views for exhibitions showcasing final work by students graduating from postgraduate courses in Photography, Sound Arts, Documentary film and Postgraduate Photography Portfolio Development.

The exhibitions, which are open to the public, run until Saturday 24 November in LCC galleries.

Photography by Ana Escobar

LCC’s postgraduate shows are a springboard for award-winning photographers, filmmakers, sound artists and designers and this year’s exhibitions provide an opportunity to discover the next crop of world-class creative’s from the UK and around the world.

The Sproxton Award

The night also saw the presentation of the prestigious Sproxton Award for Photography, presented each year to the best student in the MA Photography Final Show at LCC.

This year’s winner was Nathalie Joffre, whose video installation, He Told Me That His Garden…, is the result of her exploration archives of portrait photographs taken between 1857 and 1859 at the Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Nathalie Joffre, winner of the Sproxton Award.


Private View Highlights

Chambers by Tracy McEachran (MA Photography)

In her work, Chambers, Tracey McEachran (MA Photography) constructs an entire brightly coloured and nauseatingly patterned room complete with table, chairs, curtains walls of photographs and a single goldfish in bowl in isolation.

Totems by Natalie Tkachuk (MA Photography)

Natalie Tkachuk (MA Photography) takes mechanical objects and abstracts them from their original purpose by building totemic sculptures from the industrial spare parts.

Human Farm by David Shih (Postgraduate Photography Portfolio Development)

In his series, Human Farm, David Shih (Postgraduate Photography Portfolio Development) wants to raise awareness of how the food industry treats farm animals by having human models portray the brutal suffering of the animals.

Senseless Taste by Laura Thompson (Postgraduate Photography Portfolio Development)

An unlikely star of the show was a figure made entirely of disposable forks created by Laura Thompson (Postgraduate Photography Portfolio Development) for her series, Senseless Taste. Her humorous series of photographs follow the figure’s wishful and in the end futile journey for food that he cannot taste due to the fact he’s made of forks.



The MA Sound Arts exhibition is the first show in the new Nursery Gallery at LCC. And the show doesn’t disappoint with some wonderfully inventive installations that were intriguing visitors all night.

Proximity by Julie Groves (MA Sound Arts)

Julies Groves (MA Sound Arts) had a queue around the spiral room she had built for her piece, Proximity. The piece plays on the physicality of the experience of sound with renowned singer Rodney Clarke placed in architecturally close quarters with visitors.

Homo Bulla by Daniel Grossman (MA Sound Arts)

Daniel Grossman (MA Sound Arts) created a sculpture of hanging pomegranates for his piece, Homo Bulla.

Photography by Ana Escobar

Visitors to the MA Documentary Film show can enjoy all 24 of the short films in the gallery space next to the Student Union bar. Selections of the films are also being screened each night until 21 November in the Podium lecture theatre. However there will also be additional screenings of all films at Rich Mix, London from 3rd-7th December.

Highlights of the show are Vinicius Salles’ film, Keep it straight!, about a gay boxing gym and Leila  Hussain’s, Halfway At Sea, about the quaint English seaside town Beachy Head, which has one of the highest suicide rates in England.

MA Documentary Film Students

The shows are open until Saturday 24 November 2012 and open to the public.

London College of Communication Postgraduate Shows 2012

Photography by Ana Escobar