MA Documentary Film students will be showcasing their graduation films in a week of evening screening taking place in the Podium Lecture Theatre at the London College of Communication.

Each evening from 15th-21st November, 6-8.30pm, you can see a selection of the 24 films that make up MA Doc Show 2012.

Below are a selection of the films on show. Click on the images to see trailers.  To see trailers of  all films and to view the full schedule of screenings please visit

HALFWAY AT SEA,  Dir Leila Hussain

Found alongside the sunniest town in Britain, Beachy Head is a picturesque tapestry of windswept farmland, rough sea and bright chalk cliffs. It is also the site of the second highest suicide rate in the world.


KEEP IT STRAIGHT, Dir Vinicius Salles

In London, a gym offers a specific training: the Gay Boxing Club. This film take a close look at the steps of its founder Ben Day and Scott Valentine, one of its members. These two characters have broken the rules by fighting the roles that society forges for man to play whether straight or gay.


KANOOLAMOO, Dir Jose PayaCano

“Imagine a nothingness filled with everything..then silence filled with sound and the world before it grew up..then Imagine a future where you only lived to choke on what you destroyed..then imagine beauty without boundaries..with forms and colours that could fill a gallery and then some.”
Additional Screenings  
MA Doc Show 2012 has a Private View on Monday 19th November 6-9pm. You can also see trailers and full films during the day in the Darkroom gallery space. And there will be additional screenings of all films at Rich Mix from 3rd-7th December.