Only an LCC graduate would take the speedy environment of a dim sum restaurant and whip it up into something creative. In a rather ingenious display of technical wizardry, Sam Chau, 2009 BA Games Design graduate, has devised Dim’Licious, a tongue-in-cheek computer game.

Dim’Licious is set in an Oriental tea house and as a player your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to serve as many people as possible before the end of your shift. The meals whizz along on a conveyor belt and waiters must ensure they serve the right dish to the right customer to score points (and presumably a tip).

While for many students and graduates this may merely seem like a virtual realisation of their part-time weekend job, global software company Wacom were impressed enough to award Sam with third prize in their “Dare with Bamboo” competition. The judging panel commended the “quirky, arcade-style game” that utilised  tablet/pen for precision gameplay.

Well done Sam. Keep up the good work. We look forward to seeing your next project. A pizzeria shoot-em-up maybe?