On Thursday 7 May a team of four students from LCC’s BA Creative Advertising Strategy will travel to New York to discover if they are to win not one but two awards at one of the most acclaimed advertising student competitions in the world. What’s equally impressive is that LCC’s students are the only finalists to be selected from the UK.  The annual One Show College Competition, a tradition dating back to 1975, receives more than 1000 entries from around the world in the categories of print, design, TV, innovative marketing and interactive media. This year’s competition challenged students to create an advertising campaign for Long’s Horseradish, a family-owned company from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


Third year BA Creative Advertising Strategy student, Alfred Malmros and first years William Helm, Alexander Hernesten and Philip Gasslander combined their talents to create two campaigns for the competition. Their Integrated Branding Campaign (see video above) uses a number of media channels to raise awareness and encourage the target audience – “foodies” – to try Long’s Horseradish, while their Print Campaign is a simple print ad designed for inclusion in food, gourmet, and lifestyle magazines.  Alfred Malmros comments, “Our integrated branding campaign was based on the idea of a secret society of horseradish lovers with an online portal for ‘foodies’ to discuss where to find the best restaurants and fresh produce.”  He added, “The portal had different initiations or tests to prove that you were a real ‘foodie’ in order to gain access to the site. We then had a range of different creative solutions to drive people to the site, all with a secret society feel.”

LCC's entry for the One Show Print Campaign

LCC’s entry for the One Show College Competition Print Campaign

Their Print Campaign (pictured left) was built on a simple idea about horseradish, it’s strong and you love it. The ads, showing people crying and smiling, aim to communicate the idea that Long’s Horseradish is enjoyable but also so fresh that it makes you cry!

A $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000 prize will be awarded to the Gold, Silver and Bronze Pencil winning teams, respectively. The Pencil winners are awarded at the Student Awards Ceremony during the annual One Show Education Festival in May and finalists are published in the One Show Annual.

With companies’ advertising spend under more pressure than ever, it’s important that adverts catch the eye. What adverts work for you? What classics from the past would you single out as successful? And horseradish? It’s like eating petrol surely?