• Are you free for an hour to attend a focus group with lunch?
  • Do you have 30 minutes to give us a tour of your Camberwell Library / Learning Zone highlights?

Focus groups dates:

  • Monday 30 April 1-2pm


  • Tell us which day and time you can do during library opening hours, any day Monday 23 April through to Saturday 28 April.
  • You can choose to have print credit or Amazon vouchers for participating: £10 for a tour, £20 for attending a focus group.

What will we use this information for?
Your feedback and experience will help us to improve Library Services spaces and services.   Previous student feedback helped to develop your new Camberwell Library with more space, longer opening hours and a new Learning Zone.


Talk to us in Camberwell Library, or email us attellus@arts.ac.libanswers.com as soon as possible.  Tell us your college, course and year.

Places are limited : we will choose a representative selection of students from those who volunteer.