We constantly measure our levels of service to make sure we are offering you the best we can.

We are pleased to say that last term we improved our performance in four areas:

  1. Getting material back on the shelf: over 99% of our books were reshelved within 48 hours
  2. The average time taken to reshelve items was just over 10 hours.
  3. We came nearer to meeting our standard to maintain 100% of our advertised opening hours, at 99.97%
  4. We edged nearer to meeting our standard to reply to 100% written enquiries within three days at 99.4%

Here’s the full picture:

Library Services Customer Service Standards 2017

UAL Library Services Customer Service Standards Spring 2017


Targets we met:

  • Our Library Search service will be available 24/7 100% of the time (except for periods of advertised downtime/maintenance).
  • 95% of open access computers and printer/photocopiers will be operational at any one time. We achieved 98.1%.
  • 90% of all returned material will be re-shelved within 48 hours. We achieved 99.4%.
  • Average time to reshelve a book is 48 hours. We achieved an average of 10 hours 17 minutes.
  • 80% of face to face enquiries will be resolved at the first point of contact. We achieved 97.2%.
  • 95% of students attending a Library Services skills sessions will agree or strongly agree that they have found the session ‘useful’. We achieved 95.1%.

Targets where we came close (within 5% of the target):

  • We will maintain our advertised opening hours for all our libraries 100% of the time. We achieved 99.9%.
  • 100% of requested Archives and Special Collections items will be available to view within one working day. We achieved 99.8%.
  • All forms of written enquiries (including referrals) will be answered within 3 working days. We met this target 99.4% of the time.
  • We will acknowledge and respond to 100% of feedback within 5 working days. We achieved 96.3%

While you’re here : What do you think about our standards? Are we measuring the right things?  Please let us know.
All comments welcome in person in our libraries, or by email: tellus@arts.ac.libanswers.com

For our Service Commitment and ten service standards see: