Thanks to all 1,058 of you who filled in the survey.  444 people also gave us comments, which have been really valuable to pinpoint what you do and don’t like about LibrUAL Library Services Customer satisfaction Infographic ary Services.


Library Services user satisfaction infographic [Screen readable pdf]

Key areas for improvement and development from your feedback

  • Opening hours
  • Local space issues, including planning for new Library Services spaces
  • IT provision and support
  • Resources in college Library Services spaces and for your courses

What has your feedback helped us to change?       

  • Increased opening hours across Library Services, both across the weekends and overnight. The pilot for Monday – Friday 24 hour opening at Kings Cross in 2015/16 was continued for 2016/17, and increased from 15 to 19 weeks. We are exploring the potential to offer 24/7 opening for the new Learning Zone at Camberwell from 2017/18. See our opening hours.
  • We are making the best use of our current space and adding more seating / furniture where possible. We know our spaces are very busy and so it can sometimes be difficult to find a space to sit. At CSM we have a pilot to dissuade people from saving spaces then leaving them.  We may introduce this in other libraries.
  • We are working with colleges in planning new builds. The new Library at Camberwell will open next academic year and be will be bigger and better!  There will also be a new Camberwell Learning Zone in the Halls of Residence.
  • We shared your comments with UAL IT Services to improve IT services within Library Services spaces. We have been working hard together and have significantly improved IT provision. See our blog post on recent IT improvements.
  • We are improving access to information resources with targeted stock selection for those courses where we have received negative feedback as well as buying items which you suggest. Our inter-site lending service means that you can have items sent to your home site for collection. We also buy e-resources to provide anytime and anywhere access to information.
  • Library Services Customer Services Group are considering this feedback alongside other feedback, to make further recommendations.
  • Your feedback has helped to shape our Library and Academic Support Strategy and our service planning.

You agreed we meet or exceed your expectations on:

  • Library staff teaching me how to find information
  • Library staff who are consistently courteous
  • Library staff who instill confidence in users
  • Library staff who deal with users in a caring fashion
  • Library staff who understand the needs of their users
  • A library Web site enabling me to locate information on my own
  • Space for group learning and group study

  You said we do not meet your expectations on:

  • Adequate hours of service
  • Quiet space for individual work
  • Modern equipment that lets me easily access needed information
  • A haven for study, learning, or research

For more information you can read the full report Library Services LibQUAL 2016 [pdf]

Thanks again to you all for your feedback.  This helps us to be the best we can be.  Please feel free to tell us what you think in our spaces, or online. To get in touch please see our Contact us page or visit our Tell us web pages.