Following the very successful Introduction to Photogrammetry session during the 2016 library staff conference when some library colleagues were guided by Louisa Minkin and Elizabeth Wright and their students to produce models of the soon to be abandoned LCF library space, CSM library staff collaborated with CSM MA Fine Art students, technicians and course leaders to create 3D models of interesting library items.

For instance Visionaire no 33 (touch) was transformed into an animated flying object, allowing the viewer to pan 360 degrees, and zoom into the lattice metal box with its furry pony skin content

The students were keen to chose the objects themselves from the library stock and special collections. Some of their choices were unexpected, for instance this mouldy book from the CSM library graveyard was given a new lease of life

The techniques involved in creating a three dimensional model are complex and required expertise, and  time for experimenting of the students, technicians and lecturers.  The photographic capture and processing, some with specialist equipment and set-up, took several sessions lasting several weeks.

Dragon pop-up book is prepared for imaging. The stilts enable the cover to be captured as well as the content.


Image of an item from Materials and Products collection being prepared for capture

An item from the Materials and products collection is set up for capture

More of the students’ photogrammetry work will feature at the current annihilation event at CSM

Anna Dölling, CSM library