The Museum of Transology opened on the 20th of January and will run until the 22nd of April at the Fashion Space Gallery at London College of Fashion. It boasts the largest collection of trans artefacts ever displayed. Over 120 items were donated to curator E-J Scott; attached to each are handwritten recollections and stories from the contributors. These artefacts demonstrate a multitude of unique, powerful and personal perspectives that dispute the notion that gender is fixed and determined by biology. Photography, documentaries and texts are also displayed to create a rich and informative tapestry of contemporary trans communities.

The exhibition aims to counter trans erasure within the heritage sector while also increasing visibility and confidence within the trans community. The personal is the political as the touching honesty and humour that unfolds through the exhibition diminishes the offensive fetishisation and spectacle imbued on trans bodies from normative onlookers. Curator E-J Scott hopes that the exhibition ‘makes every visitor think about what their own gender really means to them, and helps free us all from any constraints that limit who we are, who we can be and what we can achieve.’[1]

Justyna Burzynska – LCF Library

[1] Wonderland, ‘INTERVIEW: MUSEUM OF TRANSOLOGY’, Wonderland, 2017 (accessed February 2nd 2017)