For the third consecutive year, the three CCW libraries host parallel exhibitions under the common banner of ‘In house’ during the second half of the Spring Term. ‘In House: staff and student work from our collections’ presents 3 exhibtions this year, between 20 February and 11 March 2017: ‘Two decades of MA Book Arts at Camberwell’ at Chelsea College of Arts Library, ‘From A to Z: the Art Ephemera Collection’ at Wimbledon College of Arts Library, and ‘At work: photographs of students in and out of the studio (1900-1960s)’ at Camberwell College of Arts Library.

Installation view, Chelsea


The exhibitions, curated by Jan Morgan and Gustavo Grandal Montero, highlight special collections material related to staff and students from one college, to be displayed at another: the display at Chelsea focuses on archival material from the College Archive, Camberwell College of Arts Library, a selection of experimental degree show catalogues, invitations, cards and other material produced by the students of the MA Book Arts course at Camberwell, the oldest specialist postgraduate degree in the UK on its subject, established 21 years ago in 1996.

Installation view and detail, Chelsea

The display at Wimbledon highlights the Art Ephemera Collection, part of the Special Collections at Chelsea College of Arts. The collection includes a large range of printed items such as clippings, press releases, reviews, private view cards, artists’ statements, CVs, invitations, correspondence and posters relating to artists and galleries. It is constantly being added to and is a source of information on new and lesser known artists, and the gallery scene in the UK, from 1950 to date. It is primarily comprised of British ephemera, with a small selection of international material. London-based artists and galleries are particularly well represented, and Chelsea College of Arts staff, students and alumni are pro-actively collected. Current size of the collection is approximately 30 linear metres, with many thousands of individual artists represented, of which ca. 700 are listed (those with more than 5 items of ephemera). Collected as primary sources of information (images and historical data), in many cases the sole existing ones, they are also valuable as artefacts, for their material qualities, and often used as such in exhibitions.
Two specific files have been selected for this display: the Roger Ackling Ephemera File of printed ephemera related to Ackling (b. 1947, London, d. 2014), artist and teacher at Chelsea College of Arts from the early 80s until 2012; and the ‘Z’ Miscellaneous Ephemera File, uncatalogued printed ephemera by artists whose surname starts with this letter (and with less than 5 items in the collection).

Installation detail, Wimbledon

The third CCW libraries parallel exhibition, held at Camberwell, consists in a selection of historical photographs from the Archive at Wimbledon College of Arts Library showing students at work in the studio and also out on location, between 1900-1960s, including: students painting Bible scenes at St Marks Church Wimbledon in the 1950s; students sculpting from the figure 1950s & 60s; a photograph of Freda Skinner 1964, Head of Sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art 1945-71; a drawing class for female students in 1904 (no live models were employed at this stage so the women had to draw from casts); Murals of the Dunkirk evacuation painted by students 1943-44 at the British Legion Hall, British Restaurant, Kingston Road Wimbledon; Wimbledon Children’s Public Library murals painted by students 1947-48.


Installation view and detail, Camberwell

Jan Morgan and Gustavo Grandal Montero