Macbook and Desktop Mac boot-up problems

Problem: Macs would not boot up properly, stalling on the apple logo screen or just a black screen.

Information: This did not just affect UAL, but also affected a large number of educational institutions. After a lot of work with Apple a series of issues were identified.


  1. UAL has installed updates provided by Apple
  2. We have ensured that each time a student logs off from a machine that all user data stored on there is removed. This is essential to prevent this problem from recurring.

Outcomes: Since the changes have been made we have seen no more examples of this problem.

WiFi access issues (particularly LCC, LCF and CSM)

Problem: Students and staff could not login to WiFi successfully using their own or UAL owned equipment.

Information: Library Services and UAL IT have worked intensively to analyse the problem. As a result of some tests and investigations we have established the nature of the problems.


  1. We have made changes to the way that the WiFi login works on UAL owned equipment.
  2. We have added additional WiFi routers where extra capacity was necessary.
  3. We have reduced the number of networks that each router supports to concentrate on the key ones used by all Library Services visitors.
  4. Desktop computers that are plugged into a wired network connection will switch off their WiFi connection to reduce the number of WiFi connections.
  5. To support students who use Airdrop to share items between their Mac device and a UAL device, WiFi can be activated on computers with a wired network connection. This will be deactivated once the user logs off the machine.

Outcomes: Since these changes have been made we have seen far fewer issues with WiFi at the worst affected sites.

Mobile Phone reception at King’s Cross (CSM)

Problem: Mobile phone reception is poor particularly in spaces like CSM Library and Learning Zone

Information: CSM has an internal booster for mobile phone signals, but this has become compromised by building work nearby.


  1. After extensive work a new connection has been established and has gone live.

Outcomes: Since the repair work has been undertaken the phone signal has been improved.

WiFi Printing

Problem: When students and staff accessed a message came up in your browser that explained the certificate is out of date and entering this site could be risky. This message varies according to the browser used.

Information: The service’s certificate was out of date.


  1. IT services have updated the site certificate

Outcomes: The site is accessible as normal

Difficulty typing in username and password on Macs

Problem: On some Macs it was difficult to type in passwords particularly as the computer may skip a character or two, leading the user to think their login was broken

Information: The problem was linked to a configuration on the computers that governs the login process.


  1. The Bootrunner script has been removed from these machines
  2. A new version of bootrunner will be tested to ensure compatibility.

Outcomes: Since the removal of Bootrunner the issues have been removed.

Problems with Adobe Premiere and After Effects

Problem: On some computers using the Adobe Creative Suite an error message pops up when opening Adobe Premiere or After Effects to say that access to a library is not available.

Information: There was a configuration issue.


  1. Some configuration changes have been made

Outcomes: We are checking our machines to see if the problem has been resolved.

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