PINHOLA is an installation by Wimbledon College of Art Yr1 Print and Time Based Media students: Alexander Campbell-Gray, Panamá Díaz Fernández and Isabella Squizzato. Throughout the Library this installation is partially discovered by chance encounter or fully excavated by the curious explorer.

Campbell-Gray, Fernández and Squizzato have asked students to select a book from the Library and use it as inspiration to create a series of Pinhole photographs. These photographs have been packaged with a love poem and returned to the books, which have been returned to the shelves. Throughout the next few weeks clues have been left in the Library to disclose the location of these packages. After this point discovering the packages will fall into chance encounters, over the course of days, weeks or years. Over time Library Staff will become the sole custodians of the PINHOLAs locations until all photographs are discovered and find new homes with the readers.


By Mindy Lee, Library Assistant at Wimbledon and independent Artist and Curator