Japanese MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear designer Eren Hayashi is our next graduate spotlight, ahead of LCFMA18 Womenswear Catwalk show on Thursday 15 February, which will be live streamed on our website. Her final womenswear collection explores the fourth dimension and twisted space. Made up of coats, skirts and even bras, Eren has produced a distorted and unique collection of intertwined garments that set out to traverse the outer rims of the universe. We find out more.

MA Womenswear Design Technology graduate Eren Hayashi. Photographer Alyssa Boni and Stylist Adele Cany.

MA Womenswear Design Technology graduate Eren Hayashi. Photographer Alyssa Boni and Stylist Adele Cany.

Tell us about your final project/collection…

 My final collection is called ‘Warp.’ The concept is about exploring the imaginative fourth dimension and twisted space, by expanding my practice into untried forms of three-dimensionally intertwined weaves. Using optically distorting materials alongside unique forms, I have created a series of pieces for my final collection. This series includes coats, jackets, skirts, and accessory pieces; bras and belts.

What would be your top tips for new students?

Read books!

What techniques did you use for your final major project?

Optical weaving with PVC and minimal sewing were the main techniques that brought my collection together.

What made you choose LCF and London?

Working in a creative environment was one of the biggest factors, plus the diversity of the university and the business opportunities that come with that. London is a hotpot for young designers globally, so it’s a great place to learn and grow.

What were the highlights and biggest challenges of MA Fashion Design Technology Womenswear?

The highlight for me was being able to participate in the internal and external fashion shows, displaying my womenswear collection to a wide audience. The biggest challenge for me was the patience and consideration needed to create a collection. You have to care about every part of the process, especially for complex garments and finishes.

What song or album are you currently listening to?

Hidden Orchestra – Spoken.

Have you been in a work placement or internship?

I worked at Mary Katrantzou during my degree.

My biggest inspirations and muses are…

Maison Margiela, Dries Van Noten, J.W. Anderson, and Christopher Kane.

What are your plans for life after your MA?

I’d like to work for London-based fashion brands for a few years to learn more and eventually start my own brand.

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