As LCFBA16 season draws to a close, we spoke to catwalk collaborators  Orel Brodt and Maria Edwina Tjandra about their collection of womenswear which featured on the LCFB16 Catwalk show earlier this week.

The BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear  students looked back at their time at LCF, telling us what they will miss most and giving us an insight into their very happy and bright collection .

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear students Maria Edwina Tjandra and Orel Brodt. Photographer: Roger Dean

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear students Maria Edwina Tjandra and Orel Brodt. Photographer: Roger Dean

Where are you from?  

Orel: I’m from Miami and I’m half Israeli, half German

Maria: Indonesia

Give us one interesting fact about yourself…

Orel: My favourite thing to do is skydive. I want to get my license so I don’t have to be attached to an instructor.

Maria: I’ve lived in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, New York and London.

Talk us through your final collection

Orel: My final collection is about playfulness and colour – I wanted people to see it and smile. It’s inspired by children’s drawings and colouring outside the lines

Maria:  It’s a contemporary collection of fun cocktail dresses

What do you love about what you do?

Orel: I love that people always tell me my work is fun. I love experimenting with colour and texture

Maria: The possibilities for creation are endless and the process of conceiving and developing a collection is very exhilarating

What is the story behind your final piece of work?

Orel: It’s about those childhood essences of happiness and freedom and reminds adults to play.

Maria: It’s a mix between fun childhood memories, 50s elegant gowns and takes inspiration from illustrators like Richard Colman and Ines Longevial.

What techniques or theories did you use to create your final piece of work?

Orel: For my final collection, all of the bodysuits are hand painted and needle punched using a machine which punches one fabric through another to create varied textured effects. My garments are meant to look like paper dolls and therefore they are all stiff. I did this by bonding different fabrics together to get that paper-like effect.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear students Maria Edwina Tjandra and Orel Brodt. Photographer: James Rees, Creative Direction: Rob Phillips, Hair: Ezana Ové, Beauty: Kirsty Gaston

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology: Womenswear students Maria Edwina Tjandra and Orel Brodt. Photographer: James Rees, Creative Direction: Rob Phillips, Hair: Ezana Ové, Beauty: Kirsty Gaston

Maria: Orel and I developed our own textile by hand painting our bodysuits and attaching different type of furs with the felting method and hand sewing

What’s the best thing about LCF?

Orel: The best thing about LCF is the people – so many different personas walk the halls. We inspire and challenge one another and that is what I’ll miss the most about LCF

Maria: Being surrounded by students from different backgrounds and nationalities, each with distinctive style and a refreshing approach to fashion.

What’s the best thing about your BA (Hons) Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear?

Orel: The best thing about womenswear is the technicians. They are a group of amazing and knowledgeable seamstresses and pattern cutters who make us strive for quality.

Maria: The freedom to pursue what you want and being able to develop your own signature style.

Have you been in the media?

Orel: Yes, using showtime I have been in touch with many different creatives, stylists and photographers who have collaborated with me on various editorials. I have been published in HUF, Sister, Editorial, Dreaminless, and various other magazines and online publications.

Have you undertaken any work experience or done a placement whilst at LCF? Where and how did you secure this work experience or placement?

Orel: Since I started at LCF, I have interned for stylist Pannos Yiapanis, and designers; Muslin Brothers, Viktor and Rolf and Erdem. All of the internships were secured through LCF Careers and by me sending many emails.

Maria: Yes, at Mary Katrantzou and Alexander Wang. I contacted them through email.

What did you learn on your work experience/placement?

Orel: I learned different things at every internship I did. The most interesting was working for Panos, making one-of-a-kind pieces for photoshoots and helping on set. It was so inspiring to see him create stores and bring life to the clothing. I learned the most working in the development department at Erdem. It was helpful to see the process from design to production and learn about the business aspect of fashion. It definitely gave me useful skills for my future.

Maria: I learnt how the fashion industry works, from sketch to runway. It was interesting to see how fashion companies operate in London and New York

Have you met or been inspired by any speakers from the industry whilst at LCF?

Orel: Recently I went to a lecture by the CEO of Vetements. It was inspiring to see and hear how a current company started from scratch and has become one of the most popular brands in just three years.

Describe your work in five words…

Orel: Detailed, textured, colourful, playful, narrative

Maria: Contemporary, bold, minimal, playful and sophisticated

Do you have a muse? If so, who and why?

Orel: Not to be cliché but my mother is my muse. She’s an artist and raised me to find the beauty in everything. Growing up, I would watch my mum do stuff like pick up twigs spray paint them silver, dip them in resin, attach them to wires and wear them as a hat.

What inspires you?

Orel: Everything! But mostly stories and people. I love listening to what people think is important and hearing narratives. I love novels, and videos – anything that tells me a story.

Maria: I came from graphic design background so I’m very influenced by strong and bold graphic.

Where do you want to be in your career in five years’ time?

Orel: I would love to have worked in the industry, maybe for Rodarte for a few years, and then start my own brand. I’m currently working on a start-up called Glue. It’s an app that helps artists to find collaborators. It would be amazing to see the App progress in the artist world.

Maria: As much as I enjoy being a fashion designer I would like to explore fashion communication as an art director.

How do you think your course and LCF will help you achieve your plans?

Orel: I think LCF gave me a good overview of women’s clothing and opened my eyes to the industry and its many possibilities and problems.

Maria: Studying in LCF has been a pleasure, it has certainly opened my eyes to opportunities, skill and practical knowledge as well as professionalism as a fashion designer.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to study your course?

Orel: You have to want it. You have to want it more than anything because it’s so much harder than it looks. It takes all your time and energy and is literally blood sweat and tears.

Maria: Be intuitive, hardworking and inquisitive. You won’t get anywhere if you’re afraid to step out of your boundaries.