Joko Widodo, President of Indonesia visited the Indonesian Fashion Forward Pop Up at Fenwick’s on Wednesday 20 April, during a state visit to Europe.  The President met with owner Mark Fenwick and viewed the showcase which was a result of a collaboration between British Council, Fenwick and LCF’s Centre for Fashion Enterprise.


Five emerging fashion designers, Toton, Major Minor, Peggy Hartanto, By Velvet and Sean & Sheila, took part in pop up and two LCF BA (Hons) Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding students designed the window displays in the iconic store.

Mark Fenwick of Fenwick with the President of Indonesia at Indonesia Fashion Forward, Bond Street.

Mark Fenwick of Fenwick with the President of Indonesia at Indonesia Fashion Forward, Bond Street.

Last week LCF News spoke to Aysen Asova about the experience and here we speak to the second student involved in the project, Elena Sanniti.


Elena pic

What made you want to study BA (Hons) Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding?

Before LCF I worked in hospitality at M&S, however I knew this was not what I wanted to do as a career. I felt I always had a creative side, and I wanted to do something within this field. I researched creative courses and chose the one I felt was the most interesting. I also wanted to get into visuals at M&S and used this as a stepping stone for something bigger during or once I had finished university.

You’re working with LCF, British Council and Indonesia Fashion Forward for the Fenwick department store. How did the collaboration come about, and what is happening?

My tutor received an email about this opportunity and let us know originally. Once we confirmed our interest, we were sent background and designers information. We visited Fenwick to meet with their Visual Merchandising manager, Angie Denness, to view the window and pop-up space.

indonesian architecture board copy

The winning design for the Fenwick Bond Street window installation.

What was the brief, and what did you end up creating?

The brief was to create a design for the window taking the 5 designers into consideration. There were no limits at this stage, so I produced a few ideas taking inspiration from Indonesian Architecture and the designers collections. I was not confident on any of the designs as I wanted some feedback to gain a better understanding on what they were looking for. However, they had already chosen my design in the end.

The concept development was for an Indonesian designer pop-up, did you include or research Indonesian elements for the store and exhibition?

Indonesian Architecture was the main influence and inspiration for my designs.

designer inspired board copy

Have you enjoyed the collaboration, have you worked on anything this scale before?

I have never worked on anything this scale before. I had produced design proposals for Canadian House windows when Tracy Nuels (a shoe designer) wanted us to create a display representing herself and her work. However, she ended up cancelling this sadly, so this is definitely the biggest project I’ve worked on so far.

You also work as a visual stylist for Marks and Spencer, what does that role entail?

The role was in-store based, I use to implement seasonal guidelines and window displays. We have to ensure that we are up to date on current trends to style mannequins. We also look at store layout and refer back to reports to see how much money each department or items are taking.