Last month students were asked to share images on Instagram that they felt represented the subject of sustainability, using the hashtag #LCFGreenThoughts, for the chance to win a £50 voucher for Here Today Here Tomorrow.

We are pleased to announce that Hannah Britten who studies Post Graduate Diploma in Pattern Design and Garment Technology (now MA Pattern and Garment Technology) is the LCF Green Thoughts winner for her entry below.


Rosemary Willatt, Sustainability Coordinator at LCF said:

“We chose this entry as the winner because it showed how considering sustainability in the design process can help eliminate waste. This is one of the many ways that LCF students can reduce their impacts through the materials they use – by considering the impacts realised at the manufacturing process but built in beforehand through choice of pattern and layout. Well done Hannah!”

LCF News caught up with Hannah, who also runs pattern cutting company Sinbad and Sailor, to find out more about her ideas and why she thinks sustainable fashion is so important.

LCF News: Tell us a little bit about the image you submitted (what was it and why is it ‘green’)…

HB: My submission was a zero waste cropped top I created as part of a tutorial for the Fall For DIY blog, I’m always looking for ways to inspire people to make their own clothes and this tutorial is a simple guide to making an on-trend cropped top without any waste so I think that’s not only green but also pretty awesome!

LCF News: Tell us a bit about your website Sinbad and Sailor…

HB: Before starting at LCF I was running a sewing pattern company called Sinbad & Sailor which I started after a real ‘light bulb’ moment – realising that rather than complain about the dreadful instructions and lack of fashion forward sewing patterns on offer I could simply create my own. It’s a huge amount of work to produce a home sewing pattern, especially as a small business but seeing each new creation pop up around the world was an amazing feeling and I’m really proud to inspire people to make their own clothes and opt out of the fast fashion cycle.

LCF News: Why do you think it is important for people to be more sustainable when it comes to clothes?

HB: In terms of fast fashion, our planet and people literally cannot take this much longer, so much irreversible damage is being done in the name of fashion. I believe both fashion brands and consumers can both play their parts in halting this.

LCF News: What advice would you give to someone looking to make their wardrobe more sustainable?

HB: I’d recommend checking out these ‘Rules to Dress By’ to help you contemplate your wardrobe and give you some guidelines to follow (it’s been translated into 8 other languages so no excuses!) then if you want some more in depth books To Die For by Lucy Siegle is a great eye opener followed by the more political Stitched Up by Tansy Hoskins.

LCF News: Do you see the fashion industry becoming more sustainable in the future?

HB: I believe it will be – both out of consumer pressure and global necessity. What makes me most excited is when I meet other students who are also so passionate about sustainability, imagining how they will go on into industry gives me real hope for change.

LCF News: What are your top styling tips for LCF students?

HB: Phew – this is a big ask; I spend most of my time with my eyes out on stalks looking at other students amazing outfits (I’d expect nothing less from LCF!) I’d probably suggest checking out TRAID for clothes and most importantly setting aside more time for creating your own clothes, even just to dip your toes in the water of garment making!