Extremely interesting and humorous Angela Clarke, author of Confessions of a Fashionista spoke to LCF’s Management and Science students last week on getting into, surviving and thriving in the fashion industry.

Having spent ten years in the industry Angela shares her eventful journey. She believes, “if you want something and have the basic skills, work hard and you can make things happen.” She isn’t the traditional fashion student and neither did she inherit any fashion sense. Her first encounter with fashion was at the age of 21 with Sex and the City. Working at Harrods got her acquainted with designer clothes, her first fashion shoot: Harrods Christmas catalogue and sharing a cab with her boss and his friend named Lee who happened to be Alexander McQueen.

After reading an engaging and insightful section from her book she guides the students on being fashion forward and how to open the doors of the ‘crazy, glamorous and exciting’ industry. Her top tips are: be prepared to work for free, use every contact you have, do your homework, switch on your voicemail, be professional, be bright, be accommodating and be positive. Once an internship has landed in the bag don’t blow it, do dress the part, do be enthusiastic, reliable, proactive and trustworthy, and do standout.

Believing in her go-getter attitude she concluded her talk with a quick workshop by asking the students to write down what they want to be starting with the phrase ‘I am…’ and then chasing that dream.