Professor of Art, Fashion and the Environment at London College of Fashion, Lucy Orta has created a new public art piece inspired by the grandeur of St.Pancras International station in London.

The celebrated artist, who is also a member of the Centre for Sustainable Fashion has created Cloud: Meteoros, which is suspended above the vast Grand Terrace at St Pancras, taking public art to the next level, quite literally. Cloud: Meteoros hovers above the buzz of station visitors – there are 48 million each year – atop the clouds are figures echoing the passengers waiting on the platforms below.

Cloud: Meteoros is the first commission in a new series Terrace Wires at St.Pancras. The Terrace Wires artworks will hang from the same equipment from which the Olympic Rings were suspended during the London 2012 Olympics.

Professor Orta’s artwork will stay at St Pancras International until the end of 2013.