MA13 – Designer a Day: Keiko Nishiyama

Work from Keiko Nishyama. Producer/Creative Director Saskia Reis // Photographer Roberto Aguilar //

Work from Keiko Nishiyama. Producer/Creative Director Saskia Reis // Photographer Roberto Aguilar //

LCF: What is the inspiration for your collection?
Keiko: I was inspired by the picturesque English garden – a rich treasure trove of inspiration for any artist.

LCF: Where were you born?
K: I was born in Tokyo, Japan.

LCF: What and where did you study initially?
K: I studied BA Fashion Design at Joshibi Art and Design University in Tokyo, Japan.

LCF: Where do you live now? 
K: East London

LCF: Have you interned or worked?
K: I interned as an assistant designer at Emilio de la Moliana in London last year.  I have also worked as an assistant designer for Plaid Fill, Tokyo.

LCF: What are your future plans?
K: I’d like to gain experience as a designer for established labels. Eventually, I’d like to have my own label.

LCF: Why fashion?
K: I think fashion is one of the most accessible ways you can express yourself – as a designer, you both facilitate and participate in an individual’s self-expression.

LCF: Why did you decide to study at LCF?
K: Completing a MA at LCF is a major step towards my immediate goal of joining a major label.

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