Work from Maddalena Mangialavori
Work from Maddalena Mangialavori photographed by LCF alumnus Roberto Aguilar

Work from Maddalena Mangialavori.
Producer/Creative Director
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Presenting Maddalena Mangialavori – MA Fashion Design Technology (Womenswear)

LCF: What is the inspiration for your collection?
Maddalena: The objectification of women and my Italian heritage. I used upholstery to give an image of a woman blending in with her home furnishings. My entire collection was sourced and manufactured in Italy, and uses traditional Italian handicraft techniques like crochet and leather.

LCF: Where were you born?
M: Italy

LCF: Where did you do your first degree?
M: I did BA Fashion Design at Polimoda, International Institute of Fashion design and Marketing, Firenze, Italy.

LCF: Have you interned or worked?
M: I interned for 3 months at Stella McCartney in 2008 and for 6 months at La Perla in 2011. I directed a fashion event in 2009 in Formigine and worked behind the scenes of 2010 catwalk shows in Firenze, where I had the opportunity to showcase my designs.

LCF: What are your future plans?
M: Showcasing my work at London Fashion Week has always been my dream and I want to keep that dream alive by starting my own label.

M: I knew that LCF was a good school and somewhere I could push myself. I came to London for the experience – it’s an open-minded city offering opportunities for young people that you don’t get growing up in Italy.

LCF: Why fashion?
M: I can’t explain my love for fashion. It’s something that has always being part of me and I remember drawing models and clothes from a very young age. I believe studying fashion means studying society and its history, its traditions – fashion is communication.

LCF: Do you have any interesting industry contacts?
M: Working on my MA collection has led me to great sponsors who have believed, helped and supported me through every step.